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Hand models in all fine skintones for NOIE SKINCARE

Beautiful pictures for NOIE SKINCARE with hand models from BASIC CPH

A new brand identity was to be launched with a brand new campaign and thus stills and video were to be produced by the skilled skin care company, Noie Skincare, who had entered a collaboration with the design studio, Hatch and Bloom to unfold their upcoming transition to a brand with sustainability in focus in the best possible way! There was a search for a fine potpourri of different skin types and tones, and the bookers at BASIC COPENHAGEN HAND & BODY started finding a great match in relation to Noie's preferences for the upcoming idea. It ended with a booking of 3 fine models in a combination of two women and a man.

The male model was our chestnut-colored young Daniel with his fine freckled body, who had the pleasure of our experienced Iris, who has done acting, modeling and hand model jobs for BASIC CPH for several years and our newer Nasima, who in a short time also has unfolded at work as both a regular model and a handmodel at the modeling agency.


Mix and match according to your unique needs

The gallery below shows a beautiful selection of the different pictures the talented photographer Nicolaj Gierahn Didriksen took in the studio at Østerbro. The models showed up for a manicure as the first thing on set and then it was off to get the campaign in house with the various products in focus. We love the fine color combination of the different skin types, backgrounds and simple setups. If you as a client are also loving the look, or are inspired for your own photoshoot with hand models, then BASIC COPENHAGEN HAND & BODY contains a wide range of different hand models in everything from children to adults. You can browse the page for inspiration or use the search functions to find exactly the segment of models that you have in mind to take a closer look at.


BASIC COPENHAGEN HAND & BODY guarantees models according to your wishes

The HAND & BODY category is a subdivision of the main page BASIC CPH, which thus has a myriad of options for finding more models than those appearing on the HAND & BODY website. As a client you should therefore not be in doubt that the bookers will be able to present the skin tone/look of a hand model you have in mind. In addition we will always make sure to check that our models' hands are in good condition and we can easily make sure of a desired manicure on a model before a booking. The better time you have, the better conditions are of course also to land exactly your desired model, but we always accept inquiries - even with a short deadline or at last minute - and we are always ready to run fast to make it happen for our client. You can write to one of the bookers under the tab "contact us" and then we will immediately help you further with your request.

Psst.. are you one of those who wants to try the opportunity to become a hand model yourself, then drop us an application via the form on the website. You do not have to be a regular model to become a hand model. If necessary, find our frequently asked questions on the front page, where you can find many clarifying things about the admission as a hand model at BASIC CPH.